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Vedic Arogya Ashram is designed for practicing Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic Therapies. We believe our therapeutically approach allows the mind and body to be purified and let higher divine power transform the life.

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The Ashram provide safe and positive spiritual atmosphere, delicious vegetarian meals, spiritual activities and ayurvedic treatment. Daily program included yoga, meditation and philosophy classes, guided cultural and nature walk and sessions of devotional singing and sharing.

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The Ashram is located in a beautiful and peaceful place next to Godaveri National Botanical Gardens. The forested surroundings and views of the colourful hills offer an ideal atmosphere for the practice of yoga and meditation. Nature walk to the temples, monasteries and gardens are the part of daily ashram program.

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Event timeline


  • "March 24, 2018 It was a great experience for me, first time in my life I stayed in ashram and I really enjoyed all 8 days spent there! The place is located not far from Katmandu and the airport, which makes it easy to access. The views of the surrounding area are charming: hills, villages, simple nepali life around. There was a very serene and peaceful atmosphere in ashram, though at the same time I never was bored. Professional yoga asana classes 2 times per day, meditations, pranayama classes, walks around the area, phylosophic talks -all these kept me busy and concentrated. The family of the ashram is very hospitable, Bhakta, his wife and all the people who helped them created a warm and positive atmosphere, I felt myself very welcome there. Thank you once again for this unforgettable time."
    - Anastasia Orlova (Bielorussia)
  • "May, 4, 2018 Best experience in Ashram!!!....we where very lucky to find this beautiful place with a great natural landscape, with a beautiful sense of community and family. Happy Yoga was Amazing every time. If you are into yoga or just curious about yoga definitely this place is the place to go, you will enjoy and understand yoga and also you will have a close encounter with the beautiful and welcoming Nepali culture!! ...I will definitely be coming back, and a plus is the delicious and nutritious food they have. .... Namaste. Gracias!"
    - Patricia Guerrero ()
  • "Situated in a beautiful, peaceful location, Vedic ashram is an incredible place for anyone wanting to practise yoga, meditation or just take time out to revive and be in touch with nature. I spent 10 days in The Ashram, and enjoyed the experience very much. The staff are and compassionate and helpful, the activities are well set out, and the food is wholesome and healthy. I highly recommend Vedic Ashram to everyone and anyone and look forward to coming back in the future. ""
    - Emily Dubois (Warrnambool, Victoria City AustraliaVictoria, Australia )
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