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 Vedic Arogya Ashram is located in a beautiful and peaceful place next to Godaveri National Botanical Gardens in Kathmandu Valley. The forested surroundings and views of the colorful hills offer an ideal atmosphere for the practice of yoga and meditation.  

 By Taxi: It takes around 45 minutes by taxi from either the airport or from Thamel. Taxi will cost you around 1500 NRP (15$)


By public bus: Take a bus from Legenkhel to Godawari and ask to stop at Taukhel. From there it takes about 15 minutes by walking to reach our place.



Godavari Botanical Gardens

vedicashram location

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Godavari with its rushing streams and shady meadows it is a popular picnic spot. It also has a notable collection of orchids, cactii and ferns. A quiet path leads to the Godavari Kunda, a spring where the sacred water of the Godavari River pours from the mountains.

The area of the park is quite big so you can rent a bicycle and explore every coner of the magic forest.

Shanti Ban

vedicashram location

On the hillside above Godavari is an enormous golden Buddha statue, created by local Buddhists who were inspired by the Japanese Peace Pagoda movement.

The place has wonderful vibes of love, peace and compassion! We often going there for meditation because it's just 15 minute walk from the ashram!

Dharma Garden of Peace&Freedom

vedicashram location

Just next to the Botanical Garden located small tibetan buddhist garden of peace and freedom. Amazing atmosphere, total silence to experience inner peace and freedom!

Godavari Kunda

vedicashram location

Godavari Kunda is sacred spring with a few temples next to it. Every 12 years (there was one in 2015 and the next is in 2027) thousands of pilgrims come to the spring to bathe and gain spiritual merit.

O Sal Choling Godavari Tibetan monastery

vedicashram location

The best way to bring the mind into the peace and get connected by visiting Tibetan monastery! The are a few of them in area of Godavari. O Sal Choling is on of the biggest.

Shiva Temple

vedicashram location

The hidden gold of Godavari area is Manakamana Temple. It's located on the top of the hill and given amazing view on Kathmandu Valley. On the way back from here we like to stop for meditation on the rock next to waterfall!




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