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Our Team

Bhakta Raj Maharjan (Nepal)

Bhakta is the director of the ashram and is an international certified yoga teacher from India Banlgaore SVYASA.

Bhakta has been teaching yoga philosophy, asana and pranayama classes and running yogic detox programs in the ashram for the last 4 years. His intention is to share the art of living in a peace and harmony by following a yogic life style.









Sabin Maharjan (Nepal)

Sabin studied YIC (Yoga Instructor Course) in Aug 2014. He is also a Reiki Healing Master, having completed Level 3 Reiki. To finish his yoga studies, he did a Diabetic Management Course in February 2014. 

He joined an Advance Meditation Course with Swami Praja Arnayaka for 7 days (Swami Protoplasm). PDC school summer camp (Personality Development Course in April 2016). Bsc. Yoga Therapy




Invited Teachers  (International)

We have teachers coming to the ashram to share knwoledge of yoga from all over the world. Please contact us for more information about the teachers staying at the period you are coming.


Cannelle (France)

Cannelle is a passionated Yogini from Paris. She is travelling the world while she teaches yoga and gives massage therapy. 

Her main expertises are in Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Acro Yoga and Hatha Yoga. 

As a massage therapist, she offers Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Facial Massage, Oil Massage and Lynph drainage Massage. 








Maria (Germany)


In her Sivananda style yoga classes, Maria deeply invites you to reconnect with your body and its inner wisdom.

Through the modern way of life we tend to forget how precious and amazing our bodies are.

Maria's Yoga classes may help you to shift your awareness to an affectionate and grateful state of mind.









Andreas (Ciprus)

Andreas teaches Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation. He also practices Thai Massage. He maintains a dynamic, exploratory relationship with Yoga whereby the wisdom inherent in process becomes his Guru. 

He has a background in Psychology, Humanistic Counselling and has studied Buddhist, Yogic and Advaitic approaches to meditation. As such he enjoys to incorportate psychotherapeutic and meditatice aspects to his asana classes.










Leyre (Spain)

Leyre studied Meditation in India. She practices and guides different tecniques of meditation, such as mindfulness, active meditation, Yoga Nidra, metta meditation, Hindu meditation... 

She spends her time between Australia and traveling the world while teaching. 

She loves to bring you to a deep state of calm and awareness. One of the most beautiful rewards for her, is the state of the students after meditation, full of light and love.




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